March Music Video: Fall Out Boy, Stone Sour, The Strokes

Here’s a recap on what’s hot on YouTube this month.. hehe

  • Fall Out Boy – ‘The Phoenix’

The boys were kinapped and tormented for finding something secret (maybe something that can save rock n roll?). This is what’s happening before they locked in a van in MSKWYDITD video. Hold your curiosity till the story continues.. The album coming Apr 15/16

  • Mumford & Sons – ‘Whispers in the Dark’

Can you watch the four stories at once?

  • Stone Sour – ‘Do Me a Favor’

Inspired by the HoGaB comic book series. Be sure to watch the epic animation story.. Album HoGaB Pt.2 coming Apr 9.

  • Escape the Fate – ‘Ungrateful’

No matter what they say, bullying on you, don’t kill yourself!

  • Biffy Clyro – ‘Biblical’

It seems that a good man will be tempted and suffered. It’s biblical.

  • The Strokes – ‘All the Time’

A classic song from the album has its video.. Missed you guys!

What’s coming up in April? Stay informed.


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