Phoenix – Bankrupt! Out This Week

French-based rock band Phoenix are releasing their new album this week on Apr 22/23. The album titled ‘Bankrupt!’ are featuring ten tracks including the single ‘Entertainment’. You can stream the album now before its release.

Track List. Length: [40:33]

  1. Entertainment  [3:40]
  2. The Real Thing  [3:22]
  3. S.O.S. in Bel Air  [3:43]
  4. Trying to Be Cool  [3:48]
  5. Bankrupt!  [6:57]
  6. Drakkar Noir  [3:22]
  7. Chloroform  [4:04]
  8. Don’t  [3:16]
  9. Bourgeois  [4:53]
  10. Oblique City  [3:29]


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