This is Deep Purple.. Now What?!

Hell yeah! This is Deep Purple.. Now What?! The new album is almost arrived! Don’t miss the date, be a part of the legend’s comeback, the first album in eight years. Also, check out the single ‘Hell to Pay’, which was truly harmonic and have lots of surprises.

‘Now What?!’, is to follow Rapture of the Deep, produced by Bob Ezrin and will be released via earMusic starting in April (see release dates).

Pre-order ‘Now What?!’ here :

Now What?! Release Date:

  • GER, SUI, AUT, FIN, SPA : April 26th
  • UK, FRA, BEL, NED, LUX, POL, CZE, NOR, DEN : April 29th
  • US, CAN, ITA : April 30th
  • SWE : May 1st

Now What?! Track List.

  1. A Simple Song   [4:39]
  2. Weirdistan  [4:14]
  3. Out of Hand  [6:10]
  4. Hell to Pay  [5:11]
  5. Body Line  [4:26]
  6. Above and Beyond  [5:30]
  7. Blood from a Stone  [5:18]
  8. Uncommon Man  [7:00]
  9. Après Vous  [5:26]
  10. All the Time in the World  4:21]
  11. Vincent Price  [4:46]
  12. It’ll Be Me  [3:03] [Bonus Track]

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