Dan Donegan Announce New Side-Project ‘Fight or Flight’

Disturbed’s guitarist, Dan Donegan, has revealing his own side project named ‘Flight or Flight’. The new project consist of Dan himself (lead guitar) and the long-time partner Mike Wengren (drum), Dan Chandler of Evans Blue (vocals), Sean Corcorean (bass), and Jeremy Jayson (guitar).

The resulted project will debut their new single on May 7th, titled ‘First of the Last’, which can be previewed below. Their debut album ‘A Life By Design?’ is set to be released on July 23rd via Warner Bros.

Learn More: https://www.facebook.com/fightorflightofficial/info

Each of Disturbed members are now has their own project. Believe it or not, but ‘spend more time for personal life’ doesn’t mean ‘spend more time with family’, otherwise ‘spend more time to start another project’. Since Disturbed’s hiatus in 2011, John Moyer joined Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream-Theater) for Adrenaline Mob. In recent weeks, singer Draiman released ‘Device’ (with a nice debut at #11 in US & CA).

New projects also doesn’t mean ‘a bad blood thing’ [haha..]. We should to know that, they’re trying to do experience with more people, so they can improve their musical abilities or just to experiment. Just a big hope that Disturbed will be back anytime soon after those projects!


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