Next Chapter: Breaking Benjamin To Recruit New Members

As announced last week, that Ben Burnley winning the rights to the Breaking Benjamin name, so it can be ascertained that, the band will start working soon. After the lawsuit was over, Ben stated that he will focus on the future for Breaking Benjamin.

I will not bow, I will not break!

So, what’s the next chapter? Ben obviously wants to start over again by recruiting new members. Just a few days after later, drummer Chad Szeliga annonce his departure from the band. Though he cited that ‘creative differences’ as the reason, but people knows something.. So, let’s just hoping for new album early next year, and keep on support!

Reported in 2011, Burnley gave his side of the dispute in a June court filing, saying Fink and Klepaski made unilateral and unauthorized decisions on behalf of the band, such as giving permission for remixing “Blow Me Away” and releasing The Greatest Hits.Burnley seeks at least $250,000 and the exclusive right to the ‘Breaking Benjamin’ name.

Now, Mark and Aaron have started a new band called Star Dog Champion, while Chad touring and will recording new album with Black Label Society. Somewhat in peace, Chad closing his statement by wishing a luck for the new members of BB whoever it is.


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