Beady Eye ‘BE’ Album Cover, Track List Available

Liam Gallagher’s ‘almost Oasis’ band, Beady Eye, will release their new album entitled ‘BE’. This is a follow-up to the – post Oasis break-up – debut album in 2011, Different Gear, Still Speeding. Produced by Dave Sitek, the album will be released via Columbia Records and their own Beady Eye Records starts on June 10 in the UK.

  • Songs available now: ‘Flick of the Finger’, and the single ‘Second Bite of the Apple’.
  • Pre-order ‘BE’ here on iTunes (Deluxe Edition):

Beady Eye ‘BE’ Track List.

  1. Flick of the Finger
  2. Soul Love
  3. Face the Crowd
  4. Second Bite of the Apple
  5. Soon Come Tomorrow
  6. Iz Rite
  7. I’m Just Saying
  8. Don’t Brother Me
  9. Shine a Light
  10. Ballroom Figured
  11. Start Anew
    Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:
  12. Dreaming of Some Space
  13. The World’s Not Set in Stone
  14. Back After the Break
  15. Off at the Next Exit
    Japanese Edition bonus tracks:
  16. Girls in Uniform
  17. Evil Eye

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