Megadeth: ‘Super Collider’ Album Artwork and Track Listing Unveiled

Megadeth are going to release their 14th album entitled ‘Super Collider’ on June 3/4 via Mustaine’s own label, Tradecraft. This will be the first album after their split with Roardunner Records.

The first single, also the title-track, available now. The album guests David Draiman of Disturbed/Device, in which he co-wrote lyrics for two songs with Mustaine, the song ‘Dance in the Rain’ and ‘Forget to Remember’.

Pre-order ‘Super Collider’ album on iTunes:  Amazon:

Track Listing:

  1. Kingmaker
  2. Super Collider
  3. Burn!
  4. Built for War
  5. Off the Edge
  6. Dance in the Rain
  7. Beginning of Sorrow
  8. The Blackest Crow
  9. Forget to Remember
  10. Don’t Turn Your Back…
  11. Cold Sweat

The title-track as the first single.

Then, check out the album artwork:



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