Sick Puppies – ‘Connect’ Album Details Revealed

Sick Puppies fourth album is ‘Connect’ and set to be released on July 16, 2013. The album cover and track list can be seen below. The album produced by Rock Mafia (Tim James, Antonina Armato) and will be released through Virgin/Capitol Records. The album’s first single There’s No Going Back, available now for download.

Pre-order ‘Connect’ on iTunes and get the first single:

‘Connect’ Track List.

  1. Die to Save You  [3:54]
  2. There’s No Going Back  [3:22]
  3. Walking Away  [3:01]
  4. Gunfight  [2:55]
  5. Poison  [4:37]
  6. Where Did the Time Go  [2:51]
  7. Telling Lies  [4:24]
  8. Connect  [3:45]
  9. Run  [3:46]
  10. The Trick the Devil Did  [2:10]
  11. Healing Now  [4:14]
  12. Under a Very Black Sky  [5:11]
    Total Length   [44:10]
    Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:
  13. What Are You Thinking  [3:14]
  14. No Mercy  [3:35]
  15. Better Waste of Time  [3:24]
  16. There’s No Going Back  [Rock version] [3:24]
    Total Length   [54:33]


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