Listen Now: ‘Never Never’ by Korn

Korn will officially released the first single ‘Never Never’ on August 12 on iTunes and radio, but we can hear it now on their BandPage on Facebook.

‘Never Never’ was build up with deep and large sounds with its short lyrics, nothing compared to dubstep but more to electronics closer to industrial. Though we can agree on this ‘old Korn with a new twist’,… Well, the intro was good, but ohh.. some of us collapse when the song reaching the bridge to the final chorus… Anyway, just listen to the music and hopefully by listening to the entire album will make us feel better..

‘The Paradigm Shift’ release date was pushed back a week to October 8, 2013 in the US via Prospect Park. Album pre-oder coming August 13, and newly announced ‘Love & Meth’ music video is under production.

Listen to ‘Never Never’ here:


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