James Blunt: ‘Moon Landing’ Album Tracklist, Cover Art Revealed

October seems a long way off, so it’s available to pre-order now if you’d like…

So the first line to kick off album pre-order. James Blunt will release his new album this fall entitled ‘Moon Landing’. The album led by the single ‘Bonfire Heart’, which was co-written by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder.

‘Moon Landing’ will be released Oct 21 in UK and Nov 5 in the US. You can hear now the single ‘Bonfire Heart’, which was leaked far ahead of its official release on Oct 7.

‘Moon Landing’ – Track List.

1. Face the Sun
2. Satellites
3. Bonfire Heart
4. Heart to Heart
5. Miss America
6. The Only One
7. Sun on Sunday
8. Bones
9. Always Hate Me
10. Postcards
11. Blue on Blue
12. Telephone [Bonus Track]
13. Kiss This Love Goodbye [Bonus Track]
14. Hollywood [Bonus Track]

Below is an unplugged version of a new song called ‘Miss America’, a song about a famous singer whose music you’ll know, whose celebrity overtook her talent, and ultimately led to her downfall. Next to it, the first single ‘Bonfire Heart’.

James Blunt’s shoot in Moon Landing cover. Looks like taken in space.


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