Avril Lavigne Release ‘Let Me Go’, Duet with Chad Kroeger

Avril & Chad in Italy, 2013. Photo by Mark Liddell (Glamour Italy). Edited as needed.

‘Let Me Go’ is not a farewell song, but instead a duet of the newlyweds. Then like a love song like many others listen to, this song is a very emotional ballad, even more in the video which has perfectly match setting. The feeling’s so strong that this will be compared to When You’re Gone, and back further to I’m With You in the early days.

‘Let Me Go’, is already the third single being released, leading up to November 5th release of her new self-titled album (via Epic Records). It’s the first collaboration single to appear in her albums, of course it’s a special giving to the lovely husband. Be sure to pick your copy on iTunes, because this one is a potential smash hit.

‘Avril Lavigne’ Track List.

1. Rock N Roll
2. Here’s to Never Growing Up
3. 17
4. Bitchin’ Summer
5. Let Me Go [ft. Chad Kroeger]
6. Give You What You Like
7. Bad Girl [ft. Marilyn Manson]
8. Hello Kitty
9. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
10. Sippin’ on Sunshine
11. Hello Heartache
12. Falling Fast
13. Hush Hush

Target Bonus Tracks.
14. Rock N Roll (Acoustic)

Japan Bonus Tracks.
14. Rock N Roll (Acoustic)
15. Bad Reputation
16. How You Remind Me (Nickelback cover)


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