The Fray: ‘Helios’ Album Art & Tracklist Revealed

Nearly two years since the Scars & Stories album is ours, now The Fray is back again with ‘Helios‘, the fourth album. They’ve gone through a fun writing mode for the first single, Love Don’t Die (produced by Stuart Price and Ryan Tedder), which was never did before, in their 10-years-long career. The resulted album, overall, promised some great tunes  for us.

Helios‘ will lead up the new year chapter, is going to be released on January 14th via Epic Records.

Track List

  1. Hold My Hand
  2. Love Don’t Die
  3. Give It Away
  4. Closer to Me
  5. Hurricane
  6. Keep On Wanting
  7. Our Last Days
  8. Break Your Plans
  9. Wherever This Goes
  10. Shadow and a Dancer
  11. Same as You

Pre-order your copy on iTunes:



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6 responses to “The Fray: ‘Helios’ Album Art & Tracklist Revealed

  1. Excited to see what The Fray does on this next record. I’m digging “Love Don’t Die.”

  2. So stoked for this new album. “Love Don’t Die” is available on iTunes right now, and I totally recommend pickin’ up a copy:

  3. The entire album is up for stream on iTunes in advance of the album coming out on Tuesday!

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