Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

We predict that next year is a big and important year, when some giants rock albums (hopefully) will be released. Check out our list below, and still… if we miss something, type your comment below.

10. Imagine Dragons  (February 2015)

It’s rare to see artist to be famous because of the music nowadays. But, these ‘still-anonymous‘ guys could be a proof of the power of music. So, glad to see many people expecting this one so much. Hope to come early next year!

9. Fall Out Boy  (January 2015)

When you gets older, you will be less energetic, and your music becomes weaker through the days. But, Fal Out Boy still show some bones. The new one will be different in their music, but the energy on it still seems like ‘young volcanoes’.

8. Blink-182  (Summer 2015)

Three-years since their comeback album, and two-years since their holiday EP, both are great. But the next one is also a promising project, to see if they still have enough punk to be spread across the streets.

7. Breaking Benjamin  (Spring 2015)

This one should raise our attention. Dispute is over.. and it’s time to bring on new music! Tough time usually inspires great music, so show us some great new songs!

6. Metallica  (Late 2015)

Anyone should understand why a metal giant takes more time to record new album. Yeah, once you put out trash, then soon more people threw you back more garbage. But, as Bob Rock said recently, we still were hoping this one could be a landmark too. Bring back the golden moments!

5. Iron Maiden  (Summer 2015)

Who knows that a new album is on the way? But the recent Christmas card hints at new materials coming in. We are at position now, so don’t let us be disappointed.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers  (Summer 2015)

Let’s make a wish this one is another great record too. We haven’t heard anything for three-years now. Should we take a longer breathe then?

3. Tool  (Summer 2015)

When todays’ music are boring, we need to hear some Tool songs. But can they just put some new songs tomorrow? Speculation is over years, while we are starting to feel hungry…

2. Muse  (Summer 2015)

Hey, there’s a heavy rock record is in progress. We know that this trio are always do their best. So don’t let us down now!

1. System of a Down  (Fall 2015)

Nope, we ain’t doing any new records“, or “An album takes three/four years to me”. But who knows if they surprisingly drop the new album by next year? Some shows are confirmed for next year, so is this an indication of…. new album coming soon?


Finally, we are going to welcome the new year… Thanks for being with us this year, and hope that we still together next year!


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