Top 10 Songs of 2014

Now is the time to reveal our favorite songs this year. Though we explore dozens of songs that worth to listen to, we only want to choose 10 of them. You can add yours in the comment section below…

10.  “World on Fire

Song by:  Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

Album:  World on Fire

Well, Myles’ jarring voice combined with Slash’s guitar sliding, making it one of the rockiest song this year.

9.  “Lazaretto

Song by:  Jack White

Album:  Lazaretto

Here’s another song you should to hear. The song has a very unique sound, first because it’s rock n’ roll, and then the guitar skills.

8.  “Final Masquerade

Song by:  Linkin Park

Album:  The Hunting Party

A rock song doesn’t requires brutal part in it, then tried to be captured on this song, which defined by many people as a beautiful one, it has meaningful lyrics, kind reminds us of Minutes to Midnight era.

7.  “The Feast and the Famine

Song by:  Foo Fighters

Album:  Sonic Highways

This song is among the best ones from the album, and this one will make a straight impression to loyal fans: “Ah, this is a very foo fighters song.”

6.  “Words as Weapons

Song by:  Seether

Album:  Isolate and Medicate

Another smooth-sounding song appears in our top 10 list, which many listeners already gave it nothing but thumbs up.

5.  “Louder than Words

Song by:  Pink Floyd

Album:  The Endless River

The only track on album that has vocals on it, so it becomes more epic among the other. Instrumentals-only track like allons-y also build-up some good feelings.

4.  “Cleopatra

Song by:  Weezer

Album:  Everything Will Be Alright in the End

Give it extra beats and it will becomes one of the best songs not only from the album, but also from the band. Actually, almost all of the songs on the album are great too.

3.  “The Motherload

Song by:  Mastodon

Album:  Once More ‘Round the Sun

It’s a heavy rock song that breaks into the top 3. They are doing a great album with this one in it.

2.  “Custer

Song by:  Slipknot

Album:  .5: The Gray Chapter

One of the best delivering guitars and drums shown by the two new members on this track. Also, with memorable two line refrain by Corey Taylor making it no other than great.

1.  “Drown

Song by:  Theory of a Deadman

Album:  Savages

We want to admit this as their best-yet, as a revolution from initial fun rock n’ roll in previous albums to be this dark guitar-driven and have a very Alice-in-Chains influence on it – to be on top of our list.

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