Return to Forever: 50 Years of Scorpions

This year one of the legendary rock band, Scorpions, hits 50 years, and a way to celebrate that with new album and tour. ‘Return to Forever’ marks their comeback, though have decided to retire and making a farewell tour a few years ago. Well, that’s not an easy thing to maintain a band for decades, so let’s appreciate that.

Now, let’s check the new album that consists of 12 tracks.

  1. Going Out with a Bang
  2. We Built This House
  3. Rock My Car
  4. House of Cards
  5. All for One
  6. Rock ‘n’ Roll Band
  7. Catch Your Luck and Play
  8. Rollin’ Home
  9. Hard Rockin’ the Place
  10. Eye of the Storm
  11. The Scratch
  12. Gypsy Life

Bonus Tracks.

  1. The World We Used to Know (limited deluxe version)
  2. Dancing with the Moonlight (limited deluxe version)
  3. When the Truth is a Lie (limited deluxe version)
  4. Who We Are (limited deluxe version)
  5. Delirious (iTunes exclusive)
  6. Crazy Ride (Japanese edition)
  7. One and One is Three (Japanese edition)

Full album stream:

‘Return to Forever’ is available now in Europe, U.S on Feb 24 & U.K on Feb 23. Album and Tour info check at

Scorpions with claims of album sales over 100 millions worldwide throughout their career, have some huge songs that still can be heard today, including ‘Still Loving You’, ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’, ‘Wind of Change’, and ‘Send Me an Angel’.


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