The Darkness: ‘Last of Our Kind’ Album Artwork, Tracklist Revealed

The Darkness still sounds impressive with their rock n’ roll style in ‘Barbarian’, the opening track from their new album ‘Last of Our Kind’. The album will be released on June 1, 2015 in U.K., and the first since Hot Cakes in 2012.

Singer Justin Hawkins via Billboard explains, “‘Barbarian’ features not one but two dramatic monologues, a guitar solo that has been declared ‘irresponsible’, a riff that weakens lady-knees and a chorus that makes grown men shit directly into their pants. The lyrics describe the Viking invasion of East Anglia which culminated in the decapitation of Edmund the Martyr. So yeah, classic Darkness.”

‘Last of Our Kind’ Tracklist (Standard Edition)

  1. Barbarian
  2. Open Fire
  3. Last of Our Kind
  4. Roaring Waters
  5. Wheels of the Machine
  6. Mighty Wings
  7. Mudslide
  8. Sarah O’Sarah
  9. Hammer & Tongs
  10. Conquerors


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