Breaking Benjamin: ‘Dark Before Dawn’ Artwork, Tracklist Available


‘Dark Before Dawn’, the long-awaited new Breaking Benjamin album is on the horizon! Still three months away to the release day, but we can hear the first song today. Check out the song ‘Failure’ below, as well the tracklist and cover art for the album.

‘Dark Before Dawn’ coming this early summer on 23 June 2015 via Hollywood Records. BB today are Ben on vocals (still the only one), Shaun Foist on drums, Aaron Bruch on bass, Jasen Rauch (ex-Red), and Keith Wallen (ex-Adelitas Way) on guitars.

‘Dark Before Dawn’ Tracklist (standard edition).

From the song list we can learn about the album title: the opening track ‘Dark’ before the last one ‘Dawn’. Such an epic concept!

1. Dark
2. Failure
3. Angels Fall
4. Breaking the Silence
5. Hollow
6. Close to Heaven
7. Bury Me Alive
8. Never Again
9. The Great Divide
10. Ashes of Eden
11. Defeated
12. Dawn



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