New Song: P.O.D. – ‘This Goes Out to You’

Plus check out the new album cover and tracklist as well.

Listen to P.O.D.’s new song ‘This Goes Out to You’, the first single from their upcoming album ‘The Awakening’, to be released August 21, 2015 by Universal Music Enterprises.

‘The Awakening’ is to follow ‘Murdered Love’ in 2012 with known singles ‘Lost in Forever’ and ‘Beautiful’. The new album was produced by Howard Benson (who also worked on 1999’s The Fundamental Elements of Southtown), and have guest appearances by Maria Brink (from In This Moment) and Lou Koller (from Sick of It All).

‘The Awakening’ tracklisting.

  1. Am I Awake  [5:56]
  2. This Goes Out to You  [3:50]
  3. Rise of NWO  [3:12]
  4. Criminal Conversations (feat. Maria Brink)  [5:02]
  5. Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me  [5:12]
  6. Get Down  [3:39]
  7. Speed Demon  [3:51]
  8. Want It All  [3:33]
  9. Revolución (feat. Lou Koller)  [4:05]
  10. The Awakening  [7:04]

‘The Awakening’ album art.


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