Album of the Year 2015

As the year gets closer to the end, it’s time for us again to pick 10 album and put it to our list of favorite albums. Here are our Top 10 Album this year. Play it again now, louder !!

10. Cauterize” by Tremonti

Released:  5 June 2015

The Alter Bridge/ Creed guitarist proves one more time his skills, this time with his own band, he also singing for the album.

Rate :  7 / 10

9. Bad Magic” by Motörhead

Released:  28 August 2015

The final album from the iconic band, not showing the band even slowing down as they enter the 40th anniversary.

R.I.P. Lemmy.

Rate :  7/10

8. Kill the Flaw” by Sevendust

Released:  2 October 2015

The metal band got some recognition as for their new album, with the opening track ‘Thank You’ being nominated for a Grammy.

Rate :  7.5 / 10

7. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” by Florence + The Machine

Released:  1 June 2015

That women that rocking with her own way, awaited by the fans for the return and the result is something really good to listen.

Rate :  7.8 / 10

6. The Pale Emperor” by Marilyn Manson

Released:  15 January 2015

The glam rocker has returned with another dark imagery with this new album.

Rate :  7.8 / 10

5. Sol Invictus” by Faith No More

Released:  19 May 2015

The comeback albums were usually rejected. This is an exception. 18 years in waiting, they are back with great record!

Rate :  8.3 / 10

4. That’s the Spirit” by Bring Me the Horizon

Released:  4 September 2015

The young rockers are keep getting better, now with a bit different but still sounding hard and loud. Listen to its best like ‘True Friends’ and ‘Happy Song’.

Rate :  8.7 / 10

3. VII: Sturm und Drang” by Lamb of God

Released:  24 July 2015

Entering the top 3, is the heavy mettalers Lamb of God, with their new sound, new album. Listen to its best like ‘Still Echoes’.

Rate :  9.1 / 10

2. Meliora” by Ghost

Released:  21 August 2015

Taking a theme of ‘the abscence of God’, the Swedish metallers bringing a fresh sound to the rock world, some would say it’s one of the best that came in the last decade. Listen to heavy tracks like ‘Cirice’, ‘Majesty’, and the softer sound in ‘He Is’.

Rate :  9.2 / 10

1. The Book of Souls” by Iron Maiden

Released:  4 September 2015

One of the best album they ever recorded, making the double-album get the throne this year.

Up the Irons!!

Rate :  9.5 / 10

Next up: Most Anticipated Albums of 2016 !!


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