Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

Look at what we would see coming in 2016. Below is bands that may release a new album, and as said we can’t wait to hear it. As some of you noticed, there are some bands that being chosen again for two or more years in a row.  Here we go.

10.  Dream Theater

Expected Time :  29 January 2016

The prog-metallers is back with a double-album called ‘The Astonishing’ early next year. This will be their first new studio album in three years.

9.  Deftones

Expected Time :  First Quarter of 2016

The production seems near completion, which saw a release on early next year. There is also more probability that ‘Eros’ will be released sometime, following Chi Ceng’s death two years ago.

8.  Megadeth

Expected Time :  22 January 2016

The thrash icon is promising a real comeback to their early roots with ‘Dystopia’. Listen to its preview.

7.  Radiohead

Expected Time :  Second Quarter of 2016

What a surprise to hear an unreleased track in the end of the year. Making us more pumped for the new album next year !

6.  David Bowie

Expected Time  :  8 January 2016

The eccentric singer returns with ‘Black Star’, the new album following the highly acclaimed album ‘The Next Day’.

5.  Red Hot Chili Peppers

Expected Time :  Second Quarter of 2016

We haven’t heard anything from this band in a while, hope it will be a surprise when it comes out.

4.  System of a Down

Expected Time :  Late 2016

Ten years of nothing, and they keep denying any rumour on the new album. Well, it turns out to be a strong hint there is a new album coming!

3.  Metallica

Expected Time :  Late 2016

We have heard that the new album won’t be released anytime soon, not before 2017. But we still put it here on the list.

2.  Guns N’ Roses

Expected Time :  Second Quarter of 2016

Now, this should become truth.. or Lie! A reunion tour plus new album coming next year. ‘Star Wars’ told us.

1.  Tool

Expected Time :  Late 2016

There is definitely a new album in the making, though we don’t know when  we can hear it. Counting 10,000 days….


That’s it, and we want to wish you all Happy New Year !!


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