Deftones ‘Gore’ Set for April Release, Details Available

Deftones is back, full power with its eighth album ‘Gore’, or gorgeous record might be. The album will be released on 8 April 2016 by Reprise Records. The following are the full tracklisting.

  1.  Prayers / Triangles
  2.   Acid Hologram
  3.   Doomed User
  4.   Geometric Headdress
  5.   Hearts / Wires
  6.   Pittura Infamante
  7.   Xenon
  8.   (L)mirl
  9.   Gore
  10.   Phantom Bride
  11.   Rubicon

The first single, a perfect recall of the band’s earlier works, entitled ‘Prayers/ Triangles’ can be seen below. Pre-order the album on iTunes >> Click here.

The cover for Deftones album ‘Gore’.


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