Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

By looking to the passing year we have some great albums came out, and next year should be exciting too. We provide a list of bands who will likely release a new album next year.  Here we go.

15) Trivium (Fall 2017): The boys have some pretty good stuff recently. Hope the next one would be good and heavy.

14) Steven Wilson (Q1 2017): He’s got something for us to be excited for, knowing his deep writing and musical composition to make not only good tunes, but mostly solid thematic albums.

13) Foo Fighters (Q2 2017): There was no heavy indications they will be doing album next year, but the less-satisfying release Sonic Highways puts us up to await a new album, well… sometime next year.

12) Pearl Jam (Q2 2017): They are heading to Rock&Roll Hall of Fame next year, which would be nice if followed by a new studio album.

11) Rammstein (Q2 2017): Seven years since their latest album makes us thirsty. Hopefully we won’t wait long enough for the next album.

10) Alice In Chains (Q2 2017): Those riffs and vocals are their strength. It could have been five years of waiting until they released a new album next year.

9) Eminem (Q1 2017): Rap singer, sure are not categorized as rock. But his latest studio has some more rock-oriented tracks, more than his previous efforts. So, we should look what will be brought next.

8) Slipknot (Q2 2017): So much improvements in their long-coming latest album, and with addition of new personnel it was a brand new experience for the record. So here we are excited for what’s coming next.

7) Tool (whenever next year): The king for last year list fall to #7. Yeah, maybe after almost twelve years since 10,000 Days, we still waiting for the next album to come. The only thing we know is ‘Descending’, an instrumental track which is still uncertain if will make its way to the album.

6) Soundgarden (Q2 2017): They are working hard on the next one, and interesting to know which path they will take on this one.

5) Queens of the Stone Age (Q1 2017): Just one of Josh Homme’s band, and in every albums they bring a new fresh sound to rock world. Let say the new album before summer.

4) Mastodon (Q1 2017): One of the very top band with promising materials brought to every album, praised by most critics, Mastodon’s upcoming album raise attention for many rock fans.

3) Ghost (Fall 2017): After the Grammy winning for ‘Cirice’, Ghost came back with ‘Square Hammer’, just another hit song that soon garnered praised from analysts. Their upcoming full-length album planned to be released next year.

2) Guns N’ Roses (Q2 2017): Their successful tour recent year should make fans wanting more. We demand a new album by Axl/Slash together for the next year, though some throw a negative feeling, but we should give a chance.

1) System of a Down (Q2 2017): Finally on top this year, The quartet SOAD with their long-awaited new album. In fact, they are working on it already, so there’s a big possibility it’s coming next year!


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