Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

By looking to the passing year we have some great albums came out, and next year should be exciting too. We provide a list of bands who will likely release a new album next year.  Here we go.

15) Trivium (Fall 2017): The boys have some pretty good stuff recently. Hope the next one would be good and heavy.

14) Steven Wilson (Q1 2017): He’s got something for us to be excited for, knowing his deep writing and musical composition to make not only good tunes, but mostly solid thematic albums.

13) Foo Fighters (Q2 2017): There was no heavy indications they will be doing album next year, but the less-satisfying release Sonic Highways puts us up to await a new album, well… sometime next year.

12) Pearl Jam (Q2 2017): They are heading to Rock&Roll Hall of Fame next year, which would be nice if followed by a new studio album.

11) Rammstein (Q2 2017): Seven years since their latest album makes us thirsty. Hopefully we won’t wait long enough for the next album.

10) Alice In Chains (Q2 2017): Those riffs and vocals are their strength. It could have been five years of waiting until they released a new album next year.

9) Eminem (Q1 2017): Rap singer, sure are not categorized as rock. But his latest studio has some more rock-oriented tracks, more than his previous efforts. So, we should look what will be brought next.

8) Slipknot (Q2 2017): So much improvements in their long-coming latest album, and with addition of new personnel it was a brand new experience for the record. So here we are excited for what’s coming next.

7) Tool (whenever next year): The king for last year list fall to #7. Yeah, maybe after almost twelve years since 10,000 Days, we still waiting for the next album to come. The only thing we know is ‘Descending’, an instrumental track which is still uncertain if will make its way to the album.

6) Soundgarden (Q2 2017): They are working hard on the next one, and interesting to know which path they will take on this one.

5) Queens of the Stone Age (Q1 2017): Just one of Josh Homme’s band, and in every albums they bring a new fresh sound to rock world. Let say the new album before summer.

4) Mastodon (Q1 2017): One of the very top band with promising materials brought to every album, praised by most critics, Mastodon’s upcoming album raise attention for many rock fans.

3) Ghost (Fall 2017): After the Grammy winning for ‘Cirice’, Ghost came back with ‘Square Hammer’, just another hit song that soon garnered praised from analysts. Their upcoming full-length album planned to be released next year.

2) Guns N’ Roses (Q2 2017): Their successful tour recent year should make fans wanting more. We demand a new album by Axl/Slash together for the next year, though some throw a negative feeling, but we should give a chance.

1) System of a Down (Q2 2017): Finally on top this year, The quartet SOAD with their long-awaited new album. In fact, they are working on it already, so there’s a big possibility it’s coming next year!


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Albums of the Year 2016

Hello again, ah… what a busy year this was. But here we are back again as promised to bring you our year-end charts. So many good albums out this year but here are some of the best. Please notice that we don’t have a song/single chart like last year, because the list would span to over tens so we focused now on albums.

Keep rockin’ and Happy New Year!!

Some Notable Albums.

  • Gojira – “Magma”. Released: June 17th/Roadrunner. Notable track: “Silvera”
  • Alter Bridge – “The Last Hero”. Released: October 7th/Caroline. Notable track: “The Last Hero”
  • Deftones – “Gore”. Released: April 8th/Reprise. Notable tracks: “Prayers/Triangles”, “Phantom Bride”
  • Blink-182 – “California”. Released: July 1st/BMG. Notable tracks: “Bored to Death”, “Los Angeles”, “California”
  • Dream Theater – “The Astonishing”. Released: January 29th/Roadrunner. Notable tracks: “The Gift of Music”, “Moment of Betrayal”

Top 10 Albums.
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “The Getaway”. Released: June 17th/Warner Bros. Notable tracks: “Dark Necessities”, “Goodbye Angels”
9.  Weezer – “Weezer” (White Album). Released: April 1st/Atlantic. Notable tracks: “Do You Wanna Get High?”, “King of the World”, “L.A. Girlz”
8.  Panic! at the Disco – “Death of a Bachelor”. Released: January 15th/Fueled by Ramen. Notable tracks: “Hallelujah”, “Emperor’s New Clothes”
7.  Megadeth – “Dystopia”. Released: January 22nd/Universal. Notable tracks: “Fatal Illusion”, “Dystopia”, “The Threat Is Real”
6.  Korn – “The Serenity of Suffering”. Released: October 21st/Roadrunner. Notable tracks: “Insane”, “Rotting In Vain”, “A Different World”
5.  Green Day – “Revolution Radio”. Released: October 7th/Reprise. Notable tracks: “Bang Bang”, “Revolution Radio”, “Still Breathing”, “Forever Now”
4.  Avenged Sevenfold – “The Stage”. Released: October 28th/Capitol. Notable tracks: “The Stage”, “God Damn”, “Creating God”, “Exist”
3.  Radiohead – “A Moon Shaped Pool”. Released: May 8th/XL. Notable tracks: “Burn the Witch”, “Daydreaming”, “True Love Waits”
2.  David Bowie – “Blackstar”. Released: January 8th/Columbia. Notable tracks: “Blackstar”, “Lazarus”
1.  Metallica – “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct”. Released: November 18th/Blackened. Notable tracks: “Moth Into Flame”, “Atlas, Rise!”, “Confusion”, “Spit Out the Bone”.


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Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool [Album]

The new Radiohead album has just arrived, entitled A Moon Shaped Pool. The first album since The King of Limbs (2011) features eleven tracks, with two singles released (Burn the Witch, Daydreaming). The digital copies available now on iTunes, and the CD/vinyl version will be released on June 17 by XL Recordings. Special edition (with two bonus tracks) also will be shipped this September.

A Moon Shaped Pool tracklisting.

  1. Burn the Witch
  2. Daydreaming
  3. Decks Park
  4. Desert Island Disk
  5. Ful Stop
  6. Glass Eyes
  7. Identikit
  8. The Numbers
  9. Present Tense
  10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
  11. True Love Waits

Purchase album right now >>

Artwork for Radiohead’s ninth studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dark Necessities [Single]

Red Hot Chili Peppers is back with heavy bass track ‘Dark Necessities’, along the countdown to their new album ‘The Getaway’, to be released 17 June 2016 by Warner Bros Records. It is the first new track since 2012.

The Getaway tracklist is as follows:

  1. The Getaway
  2. Dark Necessities
  3. We Turn Red
  4. The Longest Wave
  5. Goodbye Angels
  6. Sick Love
  7. Go Robot
  8. Feasting on the Flowers
  9. Detroit
  10. This Ticonderoga
  11. Encore
  12. The Hunter
  13. Dreams of a Samurai

The Getaway will follow 2011’s I’m with You, and includes songs produced by Danger Mouse and mixing by Nigel Godrich. It marks the first RHCP album that was not produced by Rick Rubin since 1989’s Mother Milk.

Pre-orders The Getaway here:

Listen to Dark Necessities below.

Cover art for ‘The Getaway’ by RHCP (2016)


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Deftones ‘Gore’ Set for April Release, Details Available

Deftones is back, full power with its eighth album ‘Gore’, or gorgeous record might be. The album will be released on 8 April 2016 by Reprise Records. The following are the full tracklisting.

  1.  Prayers / Triangles
  2.   Acid Hologram
  3.   Doomed User
  4.   Geometric Headdress
  5.   Hearts / Wires
  6.   Pittura Infamante
  7.   Xenon
  8.   (L)mirl
  9.   Gore
  10.   Phantom Bride
  11.   Rubicon

The first single, a perfect recall of the band’s earlier works, entitled ‘Prayers/ Triangles’ can be seen below. Pre-order the album on iTunes >> Click here.

The cover for Deftones album ‘Gore’.

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Daughtry to Release Greatest Hits Album with Two New Songs

It’s Not Over…The Hits So Far, the first greatest hits album by Daughtry is set to be released on February 12, 2016. The set including all their hit singles of all their first four studio albums, plus two new tracks. The new single ‘Torches’, can be seen below.

It’s Not Over…The Hits So Far – Track List.

  1. “It’s Not Over” (from Daughtry)
  2. “It’s Not Over” (from Daughtry)
  3. “Over You” (from Daughtry)
  4. “What About Now” (from Daughtry)
  5. “Feels Like Tonight” (from Daughtry)
  6. “No Surprise” (from Leave This Town)
  7. “September” (from Leave This Town)
  8. “Life After You” (from Leave This Town)
  9. “Crawling Back to You” (from Break the Spell)
  10. “Waiting for Superman” (from Baptized)
  11. “Long Live Rock & Roll” (from Baptized)
  12. “Torches” (new song)
  13. “Go Down” (new song)

Acoustic Live – 2015 (Wal-Mart deluxe edition, disc #2)

  1. Baptized
  2. Crawling Back To You
  3. Crazy
  4. Tennessee Line
  5. It’s Not Over
  6. Life After You
  7. Who’s They
  8. Gone Too Soon
  9. September
  10. Home
  11. Waiting For Superman
  12. 18 Years

Click here to pre-order album on iTunes >> It’s Not Over…The Hits So Far

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David Bowie Lands Atop U.K. & U.S. Album Chart with ‘Blackstar’

The Thin White Duke scores his first-ever chart-topper in the U.S., which also means will be crowned as king of Billboard 200 chart this coming week. ‘Blackstar‘, the pop/rock icon latest album, which was released on (1/8) by Columbia Records, sold at least 178k equivalent album in its debut week, with 171k of them are pure album sales. His achievement also ends the reign of Adele’s 25, which sat on the throne since last November. Also in #3, is Best of Bowie album which sales rising following his death on Sunday.

Meanwhile in the U.K., ‘Blackstar‘ becomes his tenth number-one album, according to Official Charts Company. The final debut week sales, reaching 150k. The top spot was predicted even before his death. The release of Blackstar brings a total of 623k sold of Bowie’s catalogue this week, that number includes 241k album sales, 167k singles and 19 million streams of Bowie tracks.

Check out the full reports:

The passing of the singer on Sunday (1/10), brings tears and mourn across the globe, it was just two days after his 69th birthday, which also the release day of his ‘Blackstar’ album. Many have praised his latest album as a great farewell swan-songs, which was sure left a strong memory among the music fans. As many noticed, his latest music videos also somehow connected to his last days, struggling with the long 18-months liver cancer.

The Blackstar cover art. RIP Ziggy

Here’s what Bowie looked like in the last years. Photo by Jimmy King. ( )

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