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On January 23, 2012 the blog has finally ended the third revision that are the biggest one so far. Some features that applied changes are Welcome Page, Credits, Contact, Widget & Footer, Top Menus, Links, Header & Background, also Colour Template. Other policy that also changes are Comment Policy. Now, every visitors can leave a comment without login to Fb, Twttr, or WP aone. You can leave a comment with just your name and email. Comments will receive moderation and then, that appears are ours . Every spam and negative purposes comments will soon be deleted.

©2011-2012. RocKnocks. The blog was only has the copyright for its name. All policy are under WordPress. Almost materials or media you found here maybe not belong to us. So, back to the main purpose of our blog that all we do are about to share each other. Not meant to be own.

You can copy and share articles or pages here to everyone, but citing a source is always praised. Today, WordPress adding new feature that let you reblog an article, means without re-write. Use it wisely. Thanks.

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December 12, 2012 – a spectacular moment that only happened once in a lifetime, and surprisingly that’s almost Christmas. So, our blog has turned into Holiday Season Edition, which will be on until Feb 15, 2013. Many days spent prior the magic date to build the blog again. From making a great homepage, re-arrange menubar and sidebar, making banners. Today, we’re also releasing our top picks of the great musics of the year. You may read our Chistmas message and catch the snowy blog until the new year.