The Fray Announces New Album ‘Scars and Stories’

[Feb 7] ‘Scars & Stories’ is in Stores Now! Pick up your copy today –> Click Here

The Fray become the first act to announce a 2012 album release.

The band has recently announce the new album titled ‘Scars and Stories’ while the release date expecting on February 7, 2012. The recording began in March 2011 at Nashville with producer Brendan O’Brien. Then, the band announce finishing recording and mixing this third record in mid-July.

Following the album title, the band also reveals the first single off the album ‘Heartbeat’ which will be released on Oct 12, 2011. Another confirmed tracks to the album are listed below

  • The Fighter
  • Here We Are
  • Run for Your Life

There are also some unconfirmed tracks, that ever mentioned by Isaac Slade (vocals) before

  • Be Still
  • Burning
  • 48 to Go
  • Scars and Stories
  • Think It Over
  • Barely Say
  • The Fall/Time Heals
  • What It Is
  • Move On/Don’t Stop

Watch the studio vlog series on YouTube!

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